Volunteer Spotlight

Thank you, Lynn, for the great graphic work!

Lynn Masino

Lynn Masino, New Jersey, with husband, John, and the amazing JJ, born Sept. 15, 2020.

Lynn Masino has been volunteering for Help Kids India since 2011, offering creative and marketing services and support as needed. She has a passion for helping others  and volunteers much of her time and knowledge to many different organizations. Lynn has an MS in nonprofit management from Eastern University where she also serves as a mentor to current students.  She works full-time as a senior marketing associate for the American College of Physicians in Philadelphia, PA, and is an amateur tri-athlete who lives in southern New Jersey with her family and  two cats.

Recently Lynn designed the HKI newsletter, appeal letter, and brochure. We are deeply appreciative of her generous gifts of time and talent. Lynn, you’re an HKI STAR!


Nancy, thank you for your support!


Nancy Lenehan, Los Angeles CA

I stumbled upon some information about Help Kids India via an internet community focusing on charity knitting and it immediately captured my heart.  I think that this organization is doing such important work!  Besides sponsoring a child and purchasing those fantastic woven bags, I discovered I could also contribute with the offering of  a hand knit warm woolen sweater.

I am always knitting ( just ask my family) and it is so much fun to make these sweaters .  I just finished my 12th and I like to think that I have almost warmed half of a school!

Here is a photo of me.  It’s got everything! Knitting, joy, and my husband’s disapproving gaze…