Help Kids India Board of Directors

Tom Rudin

Tom Rudin, Washington D.C.
HKI Co-president

Tom Rudin is the director of the Board on Higher Education and Workforce and director of the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences.

Prior to joining the National Academy, Tom served as senior vice president for career readiness and senior vice president for advocacy, government relations and development at the College Board where he was previously vice president for government relations and executive director of grants planning and management. Before joining the College Board Tom was a policy analyst at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Tom received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University, and holds master’s degrees in public administration and social work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since 2010 Tom and his wife, Kelly, have been frequent visitors and donors to the BET crèche program in India. Tom joined the HKI Board in 2019.

Catherine Kidder

Catherine Kidder, West Newbury VT
HKI Co-president

After finishing an MA in gerontology, Catherine’s work with the elderly shifted to focus on children. She was the VT/NH coordinator for a French/US exchange program, and lived in India for five years, working as the communications officer and liaison for international staff at the Woodstock School in Mussoorie, UK. On return to Vermont and further education she became an elementary teacher/librarian. An original HKI board member, Catherine and her husband Tom visited the crèches in 2016. She returned in 2018 with friends to start libraries for the crèches and to work with crèche teachers in early literacy. Tom is the HKI videographer.

Tom Lovett

Tom Lovett, St. Johnsbury VT
Vice President

Tom Lovett was named Headmaster of the St. Johnsbury Academy, St. Johnsbury VT, in 2001. Prior to that, he worked at the Academy in various capacities including Academic Dean, Assistant Academic Dean, English Department Chair, Director of the Advanced Placement Institute, Tri-Chair of the capital campaign for the Center for the Arts, Advisor Team Leader, English teacher, ESL teacher, football coach, baseball coach, public speaking/debate coach, and Head Dorm Proctor. Tom received an AM in English Language and Literature from Brown University, a BA in English and Humanities from Providence College, and was named a Klingenstein Fellow. St. Johnsbury Academy has been contributing to Help Kids India for over ten years. In 2018 Tom and his daughter, Rose, joined Sarah Garey and Academy students on Sarah’s fifth service and learning trip. Tom, Rose, and Sarah hoped to return to India with more students in 2020 but just weeks before departure the Covid-a9 pandemic struck. For Tom’s reflection on his first trip see Tom joined the HKI board in 2018.

Sarah Garey

Sarah Garey, St. Johnsbury VT

Sarah was born and raised in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Nursing and is currently the Director of Health Services at St. Johnsbury Academy. She became involved with HKI in 2010 when she took her first group of Academy students to India to visit the crèches HKI supports. This service trip continues to be part of the Academy’s international travel program and has been a life changing experience for nearly 100 students. The HKI board welcomed Sarah in 2017.

John Narowski

John Narowski, East Corinth VT
HKI Treasurer

John, a retired engineer, and his wife, Hannah, own and operate Maplestone Farm, producing Vermont maple syrup and maple products. John is an original HKI board member, whose daughter Alyssa has volunteered at the creches. John and Hannah look forward to their own trip to India after the pandemic.

Vivek Dave

Vivek Dave, Concord NH

Vivek was born in Mumbai, India in 1968 and came to America in the early 1970’s with his parents. He has called New Hampshire home since 1977 and has skied at Cannon Mountain every year without fail since 1978. He is a PhD level manufacturing and materials science expert with degrees from Caltech and MIT.  He has had the privilege of starting several companies and serving customers on three continents and in 11 countries. When not working, he enjoys wandering in the White Mountains and is trying to join the 4000 Footers Club before he turns 60. Vivek is lucky to share his life with Nutan, an amazing Canadian lady who grew up in West Africa speaking French and Swahili. He has an outstanding 22 year old architect daughter and a wonderful 16 year old son, both attended St. Johnsbury Academy. He found out about HKI when his daughter went to India on a St. Johnsbury Academy service trip and is now truly honored to be of service. Vivek joined the board in 2019.

Paul Davis

Paul Davis, MD, Wichita KS

The son of missionary teachers, Paul was born in India and completed his sophomore year of high school at Kodaikanal International School (KIS) before returning to the US. After medical school and residency he served in the National Health Services Corps for two years before joining a primary care practice. Special interests center on family crisis issues and their background causes. He founded HopeNet, a Wichita KS non-profit partnering with over 400 community agencies, churches and individuals to help those in material and emotional crisis. Paul visited the crèches in 2016 and joined the HKI board in 2018.

Laurence LeBlanc

Laurence LeBlanc, Montreal, Canada

Laurence LeBlanc is currently studying law at McGill University, majoring in human rights. Prior to law school, she completed her MA in political science with a concentration in international development at McGill, living in Kenya to complete her thesis on gendered labor responsibilities. Her interest in human rights law began during her BA in international development at Trent University, when she lived in Ecuador for a year working in a grassroots environmental justice NGO. Her first exposure to Help Kids India was years earlier, when at 16 she was fortunate to visit the Kodaikanal crèches as a student at Saint Johnsbury Academy, VT. Having lived in six countries in the past six years, Laurence is honored to work again with the organization that initially sparked her human rights curiosity.

Rani Menon

Rani Menon, CA

Rani was born and raised in Ohio but her family is originally from Kerala in South India, where she visited regularly while growing up. Rani attended the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University. She and her husband, Keith, have enjoyed their life in northern California for 30 years. A former librarian, Rani first became involved with HKI in 2018 through volunteering to knit sweaters for the crèche children. Over the years she knit even more sweaters, helped to establish libraries at the preschools, and was impressed with HKI/BET’s achievements. HKI was very happy to welcome Rani to the board in 2021.

Anne Sewall

Anne Sewall, Topsham VT

Anne’s background is in elementary education. She first learned about the crèche project in the 1990’s and in 2004 packed up her four children and went to Kodiakanal for a month-long visit. They quickly settled into the crèche routine, building a chicken coop and puppet theater, assembling a play kitchen, and buying needed supplies for the crèche nurse. Anne’s son, Micaiah, who has Down syndrome, became the temporary gym teacher, introducing ball games the children loved and are still playing. Anne says that over the years she’s seen an astonishing improvement in the health, engagement, and liveliness of the crèche kids. When she sees photos and video now, she invariably says, “Those are not the crèche kids I knew!” Anne is an original member of the HKI board. She loves being a part of a team that is doing this “wonderful work in South India.”