Help Kids India’s narrated slide programs help you bring the crèche project to others!

  • Are you a teacher looking for a cross-cultural project for your students?
  • A mission committee member in need of a program on social justice and sustainability?
  • A parent wanting to connect your child with children around the world?

We can help you! We have two slide programs, both available on the web.  Numbered slides have an accompanying written narration, making them usable for all. Please contact us at to make arrangements.


Helping Hearts Crèche

12 minutes, focuses on one crèche in the coastal village of Porayar– the families and homes of two sets of siblings, the village, an ordinary school day, the health center, food, and a trip to the local hospital.   The background for the stubborn poverty is discussed as well as the hope and haven the crèche has become for the community.



Love at the Crèches

A 50-minute overview of the crèche program. It follows the steps that a visitor to India would make to visit the crèches and touches on all aspects of the project–the communities, schools, families, health care, nutrition, teaching, the hospitals, bazaars, and where students go when they graduate from the creche and beyond. It’s an intimate look into the life of those struggling against mighty odds, a picture of India not often seen or appreciated for the resilience and determination with which the poor live every day.


Those who live within driving distance of an HKI board member are encouraged to contact HKI to discuss a live presentation.

Get in touch: for inquiries and publicity materials