What do HKI donors have to say?

Unlike other organizations which make decisions outside the local context, this one is deeply rooted in local experience. HKI values the agency of those working on the ground. HKI’s volunteer board and their commitment to a greater good is what encouraged me to join in 2022.
— Laurence LeBlanc, Montreal

The children in the preschools are those with the most difficult life situations in their communities. Through the education, nutrition, healthcare, and attention they receive at school, they become some of the most prepared and successful elementary and secondary school students in their villages. This organization truly positively impacts the lives of students, their families, their teachers, and their communities.
— Rani Menon, CA

The hope and progress these preschools bring to the children, their families, and their communities is beyond measure. I have observed many approaches to helping people rise from poverty, but I am convinced that early childhood education is the most effective, long term investment in change.
— Tom Kidder, VT

Our church has helped to support Help Kids India for many years. We visited the preschools and are impressed with the care, learning and love that the children receive. HKI helps to break the cycle of poverty by giving the children a solid preschool foundation, health and wellness care, and nutritious meals. There are programs for their parents, as well. We have found that the small amount we can give goes a very long way.
— David & Laurie Otten, MA

I don’t know why it feels so important to be doing this especially as there are so many children in this country who do not have access to great books and literacy but I think it is the amount of effort from everyone that makes it such a satisfying experience. We know materials will be appreciated and put to use and it has made unbreakable connections across the world. We can watch the countries, leaders and politicians do stupid stuff but we are quietly doing things that matter and do make a difference in people’s lives.  Thank you for letting me be part of all of this happy world.
— Sue Martin, VT: Book of the Month Project for the Preschools

The concept of “nesting” these beautiful young children in a safe, loving and educational environment, to help them escape the endless cycle of hopelessness and poverty was so simple, so elegant, so divinely human! This is what the human race was meant to be, and I’m proud to be part of it as a donor and board member. Please help this organization plant seeds that grow into fruit bearing trees through the fertile ground of faith, hope, and love… these children will be the future leaders of their communities and they’ll remember the hope you gave them!
— Dr. Paul Davis, KS