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Help Kids India - current needs

Devamuthu, 8, a former crèche student, was playing unsupervised while his grandmother, his only adult caretaker, was working. He injured a toe on an ax. The injury got infected, became gangrenous, and the toe was amputated at the local hospital. Regina cleans and dresses the wound with the help of crèche staff.

Help Kids India - current needs

During school, Regina adds teaching about hygiene and nutrition to her schedule. Here she checks children with lung ailments, common in homes with open cooking fires.

Built to serve the fifty children at Helping Hearts Preschool, the Health Center has become the first place — usually the only place — the poor of this rural community turn to for health care.  There is no charge for care or medications.

The Health Center is staffed by a registered nurse, Regina, and an assistant. Both are always on call. The Health Center handles accidents, pre- and post-natal care, chronic diseases like malaria, diabetes, hypertension, TB, and the monitoring of crèche children’s growth and health. The local hospital and clinic are not within walking distance for Porayar’s poor.

During the pandemic, Nurse Regina walks door-to-door with staff to teach about Covid-19,  prevention techniques, and to prepare the community to accept vaccination.  She makes home visits for children’s check-ups, and visits community members where her care is needed, all on foot.  Regina also has clinic hours at the Health Center. A certified nurse midwife, she has chosen her community and  its preschool, Helping Hearts,  as her life work.

Funding for the Health Center has been disrupted with the pandemic. Frontline health care for this school and its community is $4,000 per year at the Health Center.

Please contact or call (802) 429-2632 for more information.
More about the Health Center is here:

Health Center in Porayar

The Health Center is in the preschool’s compound in Porayar. It has two cots, a refrigerator for medications, a supply cupboard, running water, and a area for medical records. Much of the work is done in the community.

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