A Crèche Kid’s Story as it Came to Help Kids India

Note: Occasionally we receive specific children’s stories from the crèches. All the crèche teachers speak some English, but until our Tamil improves we’re grateful for their efforts to write it. The Betsy Elizabeth Trust (BET) runs five creches, including Peach Tree Crèche.

 A 4 year old jovial and ambitious Evangeline was growing very poor parent’s background. They live in one small thatch roof house in the Agriculture field in which is her father doing work the place is located just 2Km away from Peach tree crèche.

Evangeline mother keeps very unwell with thyroid disease, leaving her husband alone to win bread for the family.   Evangeline father works in a Agri field, earning only *Rs 5,500/- per month. More than half of the amount is drained out in the medical treatment of Evangeline mother. And with what remains month’s proceedings become difficult, leaving the family in hand to mouth condition. In this situation education and nutrition food expenditure of her child was a burden.

At the same time her mother cannot spend more time with her to support specific parenting chores, such as dressing, feeding and bathing, because her health condition is unhealthy.

So Evangeline is get malnourished are suffering less a lack of food than poor sanitation. and her family have no toilet, and they defecate outdoors. As a result, exposed to a bacterial brew that often sickens and malnourished before she attend the Crèche. Finally our BET teacher’s identified and find Evangeline situation then she enrolled in Peach Tree Crèche.

Evangeline parents are give grateful thanks to BET for the good shelter that was given to her.

She is like eggs and fish which is provide by creche, she is very good about painting, she love to play outdoor games.  She wants to become a Doctor.