The International School of Geneva (Ecolint), Switzerland

The students at the Ecolint raise all the funds needed to operate the Peach Tree Crèche in Palangi, near Kodaikanal.  Funds are given directly to BET.

A not-for-profit foundation established in 1924, Ecolint is, with its 4,400 students, the oldest and largest international school in the world.  Students’ personal and cultural identities are welcome and enrich the school.  They are offered an international, bi-lingual education and encouraged to practice respect and mutual understanding as they become active world citizens.

Every year since 2001 a group of Ecolint students has travelled to South India to experience the fascinating culture and to work with several of the BET crèches. The trip is the climax of six months of commitment and participation in fund-raising and team-building activities. One of the main aims of the trip, which takes place over the Easter vacation, is social service.

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