Current Needs



Waiting their turn to be served lunch.




What do we need most?   At the moment we need funds to cover regular operating expenses. 

Operating expenses include salaries (two teachers, assistant, cook and helper at each crèche), administration, food for 50 children (two meals and a snack per day, 6 days a week), nurse, medical and first aid supplies, transportation (driver, gas, maintenance), books and toys , educational materials and supplies, mortgage, utilities, water purification and sanitation.

The Good Shepherd crèche accepted 20 additional children after the December 2015 flooding and hired another teacher and assistant teacher.

The generosity of our donors and funding partners is vital to the operation of the crèches.

To contribute by check:  make payable to Help Kids India and mail to:

Help Kids India
PO Box 1022
East Corinth, VT 05040

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