Hilda award 1Hilda award

BET’s Mrs. Hilda Receives National Awards for Service

Mrs. Hilda Isaac, the managing director of the Betsy Elizabeth Trust, was recently honored with two national awards for India.  For over 20 years Mrs. Hilda has devoted herself to helping people living in poverty to improve their lives through education, health care, and empowerment of women.

The Jewel of India Award  is given for social activities,  child education and health care by the  Indian Institute of Education and Management.  The second, the  National Mahila Rattan Gold Medal Award for women empowerment and social work was given by the Indian Solidarity Council.

Both awards were presented to Mrs. Hilda by the Governor of Delhi,  the Election Commissioner of India, and a judge of the Supreme Court of India in a ceremony in Delhi on April 6.

Mrs. Hilda has been with the BET since it began.  BET now runs five crèches serving fifty children each, a community health center and a sewing center employing women in need.

Help Kids India is proud to have been a supporter of BET’s work since 2008.  We know Mrs. Hilda to be not only deeply committed  and capable, but exceptionally able to create an environment of  respect, love and hope in all of BET’s projects.


October 2015

Good ShepardThe Good Shepherd Crèche has moved to a new location,  from a rental house to a new building, built with donations to the Betsy Elizabeth Trust, our partner organization in India. This is the 5th school that is located in BET owned buildings, making the project sustainable and not subject to local rent increases. The school still supports 50 children from a tri-village dalit area, where the yearning for education is great. It is cement construction with a flat roof that will stand against monsoon and cyclone storms.


April 2015

Little LilliesLittle Lilies construction of a new school building is finally finished. The site now has 2 new classrooms for the children, with attached kitchen, a toilet, one for boys, one for girls, a welded steel cover for our spring fed well, a small tool room which also houses our solar water filter and five permanent organic garden beds for growing vegetables.