At Help Kids India we always want to lead with a positive message, however sometimes tragic circumstances beyond control shows us how precious life is.  Can you help any of these children today.  Your donation, large or small can make a huge difference in their lives.  Thank you for both your consideration and help today.

Abinaya                                            Velmurugan                                     Karunya

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Abinaya is five years old.  Her father was killed in a bike accident. Her mother is a housewife and Abinaya lives with her and her brother who is two years old. Abinaya is very quiet but she is a talented writer and very bright.  Abinaya loves to read and she also dances very well.

Velmurugan is five years old.  His mother and father were both killed in a car accident. He lives with just his grandparents in a hut house. His grandfather has had a tumor in his stomach for a long time and he needs help for daily tasks because it is very painful. Velmurugan has a creative mind, so he is always excited to dance and draw pictures.

Karunya is four years old and lives with her older sister and mother, Selvami.  They do not have a hut house, so they live under a tent. Her father died of tuberculosis,  and her mother works as a house keeper. She really likes to dance and is enthusiastic when playing games.

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