Hilda Isaac, Executive Director, Betsy Elizabeth Trust

Recognition and Service Awards:

2017 Honorary Doctorate for outstanding service in children’s education and women’s health. Presented by the Director of  Jeeva Theological Open University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Executive Election Commissioner of Tamil Nadu and  High Court Judge of Tamil Nadu.

2016 Honors Ceremony in Delhi; Mrs. Hilda receiving the Jewel of India and National Mahila Rattan gold Medal Awards.

2016 National Mahila Rattan Gold Medal Award for women empowerment and social work; Indian Solidarity Council, New Delhi. The Jewel of India and Mahila Rattan Awards were presented by the Governor of Delhi, the Election Commissioner of India, and a judge of the Supreme Court of India in a ceremony in New Delhi on April 6.

2016 Jewel of India Award for exemplary service in social activities, child education and health care for the poor; International Institute of  Education and Management.

2016 Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for medical care for rural people; International Business Council, New Delhi.

2016 Mother Theresa Award for outstanding achievements in children’s education and health services to the down-trodden people in rural areas in Porayar and Kodaikanal; National and International Compendium

2014 Nelson Mandela Award for service to the poor, received from the Thanjur district public president.

2010 Outstanding Down- Trodden Kids’ Education and Health Service Award received from the village Dalit community people, awarded by the President  of Thillaiyadi, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu.

2010 Hygienic and Health Service to Poor Children and Women Award, Kodaikanal Rotary Club.

2008 Outstanding Children’s Health Care and Educational Service Award received from Mr. Sam Babu, Executive Director, Van Allen Hospital, Kodaikanal.

2003 Best Social Service Award  received from Kodaikanal Executive Municipal Chairman, Mr. Kurian Abraham.